How To Make Simple Tool Mounts For Your Woodshop

Pictured first is a lathe tool mount, made for the shop wall. This one is fitted for 1 inch diameter tools and made out of some oak scraps.

Just cut about a 2-inch strip that will fit all of whatever you need to put in it (when you measure, be sure to include some space between the holes). you’ll need two rectangular pieces that are roughly the same size, and two triangular pieces for supports on each end.

Apply glue at the joints and use a tack on the top and back for extra strength if you think it’s necessary.


I used two screws to install this on the wall – no glue or anything else is necessary. Find a stud if you can, but this would probably do okay in drywall as well if that’s all you have right where you want this mount. Just be careful not to put too heavy of a load on drywall alone.



As a bonus, here’s a picture of a clamp rack I added to my brother’s shop wall. These are just made out of some 2×4’s and sized to fit the clamps that needed a place to live. Slots for the clamps were cut out with a 1/4 inch dado on the table saw.


Ryan Turek

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