Scrap Cutting Boards

My brother and I chopped up a few boards to be sold at a craft fair this fall, and I thought I’d share a few pictures of the prep work I did on them. In the picture below, you can see some pine boards on top that were glued up and sanded down, with routed ends to serve as handles.


The ones on the bottom of the picture are cut from an IKEA countertop that needed to be recycled. We sanded those, routed the corners and the ends to create little handles.


We had to hand-sand the handles to clean up some of the burn (oops) left by the router, but they turned out okay. These are nice and thick and useful! We finished them with some food-safe oil and it’s really just that easy. There are a lot of fancy ways you can make cutting boards, and I’ll be writing more articles on that in the future, but these were the first ones I ever made.


Ryan Turek

Just a guy aspiring to become a fine woodworker

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