Pachinko Board – Instant Challenge Setup

This season’s shiny new Instant Challenge setup! I built three of these over the past week for Louisiana Destination Imagination’s “Super Saturday” Instant Challenge weekend. I’d say they were a success! I’ll do some more writing-up when I’m not so exhausted. Hope you like them.


See it in action on facebook! Louisiana Destination Imagination

01-Pachinko-Turek-Built 02-Pachinko-Turek-Built 03-Pachinko-Turek-Built 04-Pachinko-Turek-Built 05-Pachinko-Turek-Built 06-Pachinko-Turek-Built 07-Pachinko-Turek-Built 08-Pachinko-Turek-Built 09-Pachinko-Turek-Built 10-Pachinko-Turek-Built 11-Pachinko-Turek-Built 12-Pachinko-Turek-Built 13-Pachinko-Turek-Built 14-Pachinko-Turek-Built 15-Pachinko-Turek-Built 17-Pachinko-Turek-Built 18-Pachinko-Turek-Built

Ryan Turek

Just a guy aspiring to become a fine woodworker

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