How To Build A Beer Pong Table Out Of A Door & Frame

My friends and I decided to build a beer pong table for our apartment (typical college guy project) so I slapped some 2×4’s and 1×6’s together around a light wooden door and we painted it up, put LEDs on the bottom (once again, typical college guy idea).

My friend painted some awesome custom artwork on the beer pong side (not currently pictured, I need to go take a pic of the artwork, sorry it’s not included here!), and we painted the other side black to match the rest of the table so it could serve as a bar or regular table or workbench when we weren’t having a party. Pictures are below – I’d love to read your comments and hear what you think of the design, and see your beer pong tables if you’ve made one!









Sorry about the poor quality of these photos, 99% of my photos are taken with a cell phone camera. 🙂

Ryan Turek

Just a guy aspiring to become a fine woodworker

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