How To Build A Quick & Cheap Kayak Rack

We took some scrap pieces of wood and threw this rack together for my friend’s kayaks. It’s a little warped, but it works!

We used an assortment of scrap 2×4, 1×2, 2×6, and 1/4 inch plywood pieces.

First we measured the dimensions of each kayak to make sure we could fit them into this contraption, then we made the little stalls by screwing the 2×4’s into the 2×6 and plywood frame at the bottom. The plywood on the ends was used as a stabilizer for the 2x4s so this wouldn’t lean from side to side.

I added the 1×2’s between each of the 2x4s so they would both be more stable, not lean, and more easily be able to support and divide the kayaks when they were resting in the rack.

The last piece was to add two eye hooks and a bungee cord to keep the kayaks from falling out.

I would recommend adding a sheet of plywood to the bottom of this rack and placing some camping pad foam or something soft at the bottom so your kayak is not resting on concrete. you will eventually scrape the heck out of your kayak and potentially open a hole in it (yikes!).

This design can be greatly improved on, but for the money and materials, this is a pretty cheap and effective solution. Good luck!

Ryan Turek

Just a guy aspiring to become a fine woodworker

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