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Walnut & Poplar Smartphone Stand

This blog post will be getting an update in the next few days while I refinish the stands! Walnut and Poplar smartphone stands with about a 15 degree angle tilt. Fits all iPhone models.

How To Build A Coat Rack From A Single 2×4

This coat rack is made out of a single reused 2×4 and a wooden dowel. This sits in my entryway, and I use it daily! So glad I made it – it’s one of my favorite builds. I’ll admit, it’s really ugly and I could have spent more time and...

SeeSaw – Instant Challenge Setup

Made for the SeeSaw Destination Imagination Instant challenge. The challenge here was to place weights on both side of the seesaw (near the ends) in order to balance it within an inch or two of the height of the other side. It proved to be challenging yet very doable for...