How To Make Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers

I’ve been eyeing this project for a long time, and I finally made it happen! The openers pictured below were gifted to friends and family – I just wanted to enjoy making them and to teach myself how. I’ll be making more of these to sell in my store soon!


First you’ll want to order some attractive bottle openers and screws. I used to get a variety of Starr openers. These are gorgeous and classic, so you can’t go wrong with most of what they have available.


Next up you’ll want to select a board to cut your plaques out of. This looks like a nice piece of Birch or Poplar that I chose, but you can pick anything you want. Oak, pine, cedar, anything that is dense enough to hold a screw should be fine. Lots of people like to paint things on their plaques or get stickers or something, but I prefer the natural beauty of the grain for mine. Each and every one is unique just by the virtue of the wood.

Next you’ll want to cut them to the sizes you find attractive, and maybe add an interesting edge with a router.


finally, you should finish the plaques by sanding them down from 80 grit to 200+ to get a nice smooth finish, then seal them with oil, stain, or paint. These don’t have to have a food-safe finish like a cutting board does, so I used an oil here that darkened and hardened the wood to a nice finish.

A final (and tricky) touch is adding screw/nail-holes to the back with a keyhole router bit. This isn’t pictured in this how-to but I’ll do a better job of showing it in detail in the future when I post another one of these.


Now, screw your bottle opener on the front and you’re done! These make great gifts, and I like having one in the kitchen and woodshop for myself. Good luck!

Ryan Turek

Just a guy aspiring to become a fine woodworker

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