What I Do

I most enjoy making simple, beautiful, and useful products for my home and office, like a wall-mounted bottle opener, picture frames, boxes, coasters, or wall-mounted racks for ping pong paddles and balls (I’m a big table tennis fan, as are many of my coworkers). I’m just entering the world of selling my creations to others, and am excited to expand on my product line and improve my skills as a woodworker. Thank you for looking me up!

Where I Live And Work

I live in Dallas, Texas (USA) and proudly make all of my products with my own tools and domestic lumber.

Do You Do Commissioned work?

I’d love to! If you’re really excited about paying me to make you something (or sponsoring me and having me use your product/tool), then please get in touch with me via social media or at turekwoodshop@gmail.com and let’s start a conversation.

More About Me

I’m a Professional software developer by day and a passionate woodworker by night. I got my start in woodworking something like 15 years ago while growing up in an incredible theatre/engineering/creative problem solving competition called Destination Imagination. I’ve built dozens of setups for their trainings and competitions as an adult (you can see some pictures on my blog), and it all started with learning how to build props, sets, and interesting devices out of wood, plastic, metal, and whatever else we could get our hands on. I’m mostly self taught, but I was definitely instructed and influenced heavily by my father and older brother who themselves have spent quite a bit of time with a hammer in hand. My preferred medium is wood, and in the last few years I’ve made it a goal to start a woodshop of my own and hone my craft in order to share my art and skill with others through the gifting and sale of beautiful and useful goods for the home and office (or something just for fun!).

As a software developer, I spend quite a bit of time at my desk both at my home office and my firm’s office. Because of that, my main focus right now is developing a line of products to display and use on a nice big writing or computer desk. I’ll be making new designs for small boxes, coasters, pencil holders, smartphone and tablet stands, mousepads, vertical macbook stands, tissue box covers, and anything else fun and useful that I can think of.

For the home, I have a few items I like to make, such as my “leaning shelf” for books, hand-carved spoons and spatulas, wall-mounted bottle openers, picture frames, beer flights, wooden boxes, and wall art. I want to expand that list to include more unique shelving, end tables, entryway tables eventually, and maybe a few other select items.

Please Connect With Me!